Welcome to alphadrones.ca! June 12 2014

Welcome to a UAV shopping site that caters to both beginner, and experienced hobbyists.

A site that will help hold your hand as you make that first purchase and enter into a hobby that will forever change how you see things.

Tools that will allow you to elevate your view, and reward you with pictures and video that will amaze your friends and family.

Our goal was to make purchasing your first multi rotor an easy one.  We also put in a lot of effort to make sure we also cater to the experienced user who might be upgrading, or looking for new challenges.

alpha drones will evolve over time.  We will continually be adding both products and information to keep pulling you back.  The site will be filled with information to support your purchase.

Over the last 4 years that I have been flying UAV products (20 years with RC Planes and Heli’s) I have had the opportunity to introduce some of my friends.  The manner that they were introduced, as well as the process that they followed has them successfully flying multiple products today.  We want to copy that method of success so you will find not only pictures and video of products, but also instructions helping you to use them.  Videos that show you what to expect when you receive your shipment.  Manuals and checklists that make sure you know every detail.  Support that will set the bar higher.

We will have products to get you started, but also ones that will challenge you as you build them from a kit, and add the parts that have been tested for success.

Please feel free to email me at alan@alphadrones.ca if you have suggestions on how we can make things better.  If you want to meet with us, the best place to see what we are up to is at www.alphaflyingcircus.ca , our club site where membership is free, and where there is always a willingness to help beginners get started.

I am personally very excited to bring some of these products to market in Canada and hope you find this hobby satisfies both your technical, and creative sides.

Welcome to the future.

alan castell

president and partner

alpha drones inc.