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Black Mamba V2 Quadcoptor Kit w/ two RC Satelites



The V2 Black Mamba's size is the sweet spot for utility and agility.  The 370 mm frame is large enough to ease the installation of FPV gear, be flown line-of-sight, and stable enough for excellent quality video. The carbon fiber frame maximizes strength and durability while minimizing weight and vibration.  The complete frame with all hardware is 252 grams -- 38g lighter than the V1.X.


  • Body length 350mm
  • Shaft-to-shaft diagonal 370mm
    Shaft-to-shaft width 270mm 
    Shaft-to-shaft length 250mm
  • Completed frame weight 252 grams!
  • All up weight: 737 grams


***After Ordering, ask about prop color. Currently Available (not guarenteed): Black, Orange, Red

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